Using Every Trick in the Book

I came across this video in a class last year that really made me think about the effect public relations has on society. In this video we see the Sewage Sludge Industry trying to create a more appealing image for themselves, PR is referred to as propaganda and PR as the manipulators of public opinion. I feel this video was only appropriate after the discussions we had in class and the controversy of what PR really is. My personal opinion on this video is that, unfortunately, this is how society views PR. We are truth-spinners and use “tricks in the book” to manipulate and influence the thoughts and ideas of society. Sadly, this is how some view the PR industry and this video really makes me think twice about entering this profession.


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  1. marialinda17 says:

    This is certainly where the name “spin doctor” originated from. It’s very unfortunate that public relations can abuse its power of influence and become manipulative. I saw this video during a previous PR course and although it’s saddening I think it’s good for pr practitioners to be aware of. For me, it’s a model of how I don’t want to be in the public relations field. Being aware of these problems is a good way to identify and avoid them. Practicing a strong work ethic is vital and I think by becoming more and more aware of the negative aspects in our industry, we can counteract them and become better.

  2. agilliam says:

    It is extremely interesting that a field designed to create good reputations for others has such a bad reputation. Maybe we should focus on doing some public relations for the field of public relations? I agree that it is sad that people connect public relations and propaganda as the same thing joined with lies and manipulation. What about campaigns for good causes, of which there are countless? What about all of the honest and life enriching companies that public relations helps? I guess that book wouldn’t be as interesting…

  3. amyfoley1975 says:

    I admit I used to be suspicious of PR professionals before I got into this major. All you hear is the badmouthing of the industry…that the practitioners are only out there to persuade you or get you to like them by lying to you. I no longer feel this way. I think that a few PR people have given the rest of us a bad name. Not everyone is a liar in the industry. Most are honest hardworking people trying to help their clients any way they can.

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