Is it time to get "radical" about PR?

There is a new movement spreading through the PR profession, calling for a reinvention of traditional PR as we know it. Radical PR is trying to get away from advocating the two-way symmetric “normative” approach to public relations because they believe it has too many limitations.  It is known that there are many “old-school” PR agencies/departments that refuse to acknowledge, and then make necessary changes, that will update the way they do business. 

Personally, I think it’s great that there are people out there challenging our perspectives on communication relationships. So tell me, being apart of this new generation, do you agree that our core PR values have become too focused on ways to promote the interests of the people writing our paychecks? Radical PR affiliates believe that it is evident that PR practitioners form obvious agendas so regularly now, that whenever something new or challenging happens in our profession, its gloves off to protect outdated methods. Do you think this group of committed individuals can really make a difference in our profession? In order for this PR to have a valuable future in the eyes of society, changes will need to be made—maybe “radical” PR is the way to do this.






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  2. lindsaylynch says:

    Radical PR is good for newer generations getting into PR. When Radical PR is used over “Old School” PR the older traditions are challenged. If people do not adapt to these radical theories gradually we will lose all aspects of public realtions because then people will realize they can do things on their own and it is not necessary to hire an agency. Due to the internet growing so quickly there are ways for businesses to create results on their own without branching out to professionals.

  3. drgilpin says:

    You forgot to include a link, here.

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