This link will take you to a story about the commentary of CBS Legal Analysis Andrew Cohen in which he criticized Scott McCellan, former White House Press Secretary, and public relation professionals in general. I got this idea from a previous PR teacher, Fran Matera. Although this story happened in June I believe it is very important to know what the public/media thinks about the PR professional. What do you think the public opinion is on public relations professionals/the PR industry? Also what do you think of PRSA’s reply to the Cohen commentary?

I think that popular opinion is PR professional can’t be trusted. “The art of spin” is often how PR professionals are looked at. This perception is not just in the general public but also within the media field. I find this particularly amusing considering journalist rely heavily on PR professionals for information and contacts. Although this perception is common I think it was completely irresponsible and incorrect of Cohen to say. I also think PRSA’s response was entirely appropriate and professional.

– The Agency

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  1. drgilpin says:

    I edited to fix your links: you need to make the links in the post window, so that you don’t have a long string of html. Also, I know you can’t see it if you’re staying in the non-HTML window, but using the “save as HTML” function in MS Word makes a crazy mess in the code. If you want to compose first in Word, that’s fine, but just copy and paste the regular text, then add in the links.

    Great topic for a post, though!

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