Blogging for riches?


To begin with, I am thinking about blogging in general. My thoughts on blogging is that it is not for everyone, you really have to be good at writing and beyond that you have to be a compelling writer to create a following. I came across an article on Communication Overtones about money and fame in blogging. I thought to myself, do people really get into blogging by going “hey I could totally be Perez Hilton one day?” Do they actually have the passion and skill to deliver information to people by finding a way to share their talent, and that turns out to be by blogging? I didn’t realize how big of an interest blogging was until this class, before when I thought of blogging I thought of My Space and celebrity bloggers, like Perez, now I think on a whole new level.

My main questions is, if people are really out there just to make tons of money or even find fame among blogging is it really because they want to blog? It seems that if you are going to make this huge lifestyle change to follow a specific topic (celebrities, PR ideas,etc.) then you must really like it right? Or does someone actually do it just because they think they will become huge, although there are over 70 million blogs out there, it almost seems impossible to be successful if you aren’t talented.

My main point is that I can’t believe people actually are out there just to find fame or become rich off of it when it is more of a networking thing. It seems like it could be a fun hobby by looking for blogs that interest you and reading/posting on them but the information has to come from somewhere and it has to be reliable–basically you need to have some sort of significance behind your blogging and I don’t think people who are out for fame and money will have the actual desire to want to impact a specific topic.

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  1. drgilpin says:

    I agree that fame and fortune are not good reasons to start a blog–at least, not directly. However, it’s also worthwhile to distinguish between professional and personal blogs: professional blogs do often have economic consequences, since you can connect to a network of fellow professionals, establish a reputation as an expert, provide feedback to customers/clients, etc.

    That said, even a hobby can sometimes turn lucrative. Off the top of my head I can name four people who turned their blogs into books; others have found advertising sponsors to cover costs and provide revenues. And as for fame, well, you might even end up on Martha Stewart someday!

  2. bkranz says:

    I actually never thought about blogging as a networking device until quite recently. I’m definitely one of those people who read celebrity-related blogs because they are somewhat interesting and available and always being updated. It’s hard to avoid them. Now that my eyes have been opened to a new kind of blogging, it’s really an interesting medium for discovering career techniques and finding people who think the same things about PR as we do. While I find personal blogs a little bit strange, professional blogs certainly have the strength to become quite important in the workplace.

  3. knish21087 says:

    I agree that it does take a certain type of person to be a good blogger. Reading this post made me think about my friend who is currently searching for a job within the PR field. She told me that she might take a job that basically entails blogging throughout the work day. She would be expected to create more hype for the company by writing blogs for them and research other blogs daily. I was somewhat shocked to find out that someone’s entire career could revolve simply around blogging. I think that particular person would have to be an exceptionally good blogger to carry out a job such as this one. Obviously my friend wouldn’t be looking for fame while doing this on behalf of the company she works for, but it would definitely be her main source of income. It is crazy how technology is affecting the job market nowadays!

  4. dfishfel says:

    First thing to note is that there are people out there who will do absolutely anything for fame and fortune! Even if that means trying to find an interesting or controversial topic and write about it all day on the internet. In this day and age when technology is so important and so easy to use, it seems anyone can gain fame for some of the most ridiculous things, just because they posted it on the internet for billions to see. I was watching Conan O”Brian a few weeks ago and he had a guest on his show that was famous for doing a funny dance and posting it on youtube. I mean this dance that he did landing him a spot on Conan, and he was paid by a company to travel the world nd record him doing the dance! Another example is Tila Tequilla (spelling?) who now has her own TV show on MTV only because she was known on MySpace for having thousands and thousands of friends. I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes blogging is supposed to be used for networking and sharing important ideas, but there are always going to be people out there who just use it for their own personal gain.

  5. ccharvey says:

    I think it can be argued that people will do anything for money. There is always someone taking one side of the extreme or the other. To me, bloggers are comparable to freelance journalist. They write stories/articles hoping that they will be picked up by someone. Then, if there’s interest, maybe that person will get a recurring column or section. Maybe that “freelancer” is just fed up with the restrictions of a conventional newsroom and wants freedom. The point is that bloggers follow their own path… not necessarily to become rich, but as an outlet for their voice to be heard.

  6. letsgoblogging says:

    The topic of blogging for fame and fortune is one I never really thought of before. Nowadays, people will do nearly anything for fame and fortune – you can watch any reality show on TV for proof. Blogging can also be lucrative in positive ways as well. Professional blogs usually consist of an expert offering advice and insight on particular issues. For a professional to provide an expert opinion via blogging and getting paid for it, is really no different than the dozens of experts interviewed on morning shows, for instance, every day. The main thing is for PR professionals to be able to decipher between professional and, well lack thereof.

  7. brittz87 says:

    Before this class, I had never had really read a blog let alone saw myself writing one. For some reason it did not register to me that people like Perez Hilton consider themselves “bloggers.” Originally I had believed that a blog had to sound somewhat intelligent, thought-driven and serious. It is good to know now that there can be professional blogs, as well as personal blogs written for enjoyment. Blogging is a great way to express your feelings and vent about the issues of the world. Since having to dabble in the virtual world of blogging, I have since been given an assignment to write a weekly blog for my internship–That goes to show you when your start recognize it’s there, you start seeing it everywhere!

  8. davemerenda says:

    I think that the goal of becoming famous for blogging is ridiculous. Sure, giving good information and providing others with resources is a good thing, but is it really fame worthy? I am new to the world of blogging. So far I’ve found it hard to know who to trust when it comes to bloggers. There are so many blogs out there and it can be difficult to find a credible source. As for the fame, the only blogger I have heard of is Perez Hilton. I’ve never read his blog. I am not interested in celebrity gossip. Can anyone tell me the names of any other “famous” bloggers?

  9. mekelly1 says:

    I definitely agree that there are people in the blogging world that take an idea from a successful blog and try to create their own version to make money and become famous. There are always going to be people out there that will try to find their own quick and easy way to make money fast. The truly successful bloggers start with an amazing idea or passion about a topic and cultivate reader interest through time to become an amazing blog and become “famous” and make money off of their site. I agree with you that people who start blogs for the wrong reasons are not in it to make an impact on a specific topic, which is why their blog will probably never be as successful as one that went about it the right way.

  10. kristarogers says:

    I am completely new to the world of blogging other than of course the aforementioned “famous” Perez Hilton and actually do not find it absurd for someone to be famous for their thoughts. Obviously, seeking out fame and fortune for just that is not very respectable, however,gaining fame and fortune for following your passion, is. If you have unique thoughts and are able to articulate your ideas in a blog that people find interesting and it garners fame- then the more power to you. For centuries we have respected and passed fame upon people who are able to express themselves through written language- if they are good and mass amounts of people care what they have to say- then sure, they may achieve fame. Other than Perez I cannot think of any other “famous” bloggers- however, I am sure one or many will emerge soon enough.

  11. cate415 says:

    I think the idea of blogging in order to get rich is absolutely absurd. The whole idea of blogging in the first place, to me anyways, is to share your passion or knowledge with the world. It is a hobby that takes the form of journalism and definitely not something that should be seen as a money making scheme. However, if one is good enough and their blog is interesting enough to captivate people, it might just take off and become successful. This, however, should not ever be the main motive.

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