Bloggers and public relations

I want to point everyone toward a post today over at Jennifer Van Grove’s blog, about building relationships with influential bloggers for public relations purposes. The post raises some interesting questions: Is it worth the effort? Why or why not? How to convince clients and/or employers that the return on investment (ROI) justifies the time spent cultivating bloggers? In what situations is the ROI high enough to be worthwhile, and when is it not?

Jennifer is reporting on a panel she was part of at the recent BlogWorld & New Media Expo, which is also worth reading about.

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3 Responses to Bloggers and public relations

  1. knish21087 says:

    One thing that I realized from Jennifer Van Grove’s blog about building relationships with bloggers is how much multi-tasking people within the PR field have to do. I think blogging is an important part of PR and making nice with the most influential bloggers can really increase your network. Many people don’t realize the time and effort building relationships really consumes. Then when you factor in all of the other areas PR practitioners need to be involved in it just seems like they need so much more time to put together the best campaign possible. The best PR people to deal with would literally be those who are able to use their time the most efficiently.

  2. cate415 says:

    I think that if you cultivate a good connection with a knowledgeable blogger, you can definitely get a good return on investment. Since bloggers seem to represent the wave of the future when it comes to journalism, having a good relationship with bloggers can definitely enhance a pr agents’ effort to gain publicity for a client. Of course, like all things, you can never be sure if the blogger is legitimate or not.

  3. ksorensen19 says:

    I think the whole idea of blogging is interesting in terms of its relationship to the media. In one of my previous classes we discussed whether or not bloggers should be considered real journalists or even knowledgeable sources. Personally, I think that bloggers right for targeted audiences and in terms of PR, connecting and cultivating positive relationships with bloggers can definitely be worth the time if the audience they are writing for is one who would be interested in what you want to share.

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