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Bloggers…are they considered media?

Since our class is diving into the blog world, many of us for the first time, I thought this article provides an interesting view on whether or not PR professionals consider bloggers legitimate sources of information and how to treat … Continue reading

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Measuring and Persuading Public Opinion

By Iris Public Relations Public opinion not only determines how successful a PR campaign ultimately is, but also dictates how PR firms get their message across. The fifth edition of Strategic Communications Planning says, “Public opinion is the collection of … Continue reading

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The Demise of Journalism

Over at Bad Pitch Blog, the discussion on the demise of journalism is taking place. Kevin Dugan evaluates how quickly print outlets, especially newspapers, are to to layoff reporters due to the slumping economy and also the fact that the … Continue reading

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A brave new world of research?

Over in the blog for the Social Media and PR class at St. Edward’s, a recent post pointed to some discussions about whether traditional consumer research is dying. Some believe that careful monitoring of online communities, populated by consumers interacting … Continue reading

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