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Presentations that Engage: Caleb Chung, Pleo the Dinosaur

As I was searching through I came across a recent “talk” by Caleb Chung, a well-known inventor of interactive children’s toys such as the Furby. Recently, he launched a robot named Pleo that is an functioning, walking, responding, trainable … Continue reading

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Weekly roundup

JMC417 students are, understandably, very concerned with the public perceptions of the profession they are entering. Following on posts from the previous week, such as ABC PR’s discussion of the “PR lady” in the Mac vs. PC commercials, this week … Continue reading

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Another bell tolls for the press release

Sheila Scarborough, at Every Dot Connects, says she can’t imagine ever sending out another traditional press release. Announcements that the press release is dead are hardly new or blogworthy. However, she does explain how she plans to go about publicizing … Continue reading

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Bloggers and public relations

I want to point everyone toward a post today over at Jennifer Van Grove’s blog, about building relationships with influential bloggers for public relations purposes. The post raises some interesting questions: Is it worth the effort? Why or why not? … Continue reading

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Perception of PR Practitioners

I know that ABC PR recently published a post regarding how PR professionals are viewed and I wanted to delve into that a little further. I recently found a somewhat shocking article that discusses the negative side of PR. The … Continue reading

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Ease of PR on the Net Hurting Independent Thought and Creativity

     It is no secret that advances in technology have made our world a smaller place. The internet obviously allows for quick dissemination of information, easy access to various forms of media and the ability to interact with people across … Continue reading

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Social Networks and Word of Mouth

TALLfore It is crazy how fast news can travel.  Trenton (the “T” of TALLfore) sent me an article about the power of Twitter.  This article was linked to WordPress but originated from the CEO’s journal entry on Thomas Nelson Publishers … Continue reading

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Is it time to get "radical" about PR?

There is a new movement spreading through the PR profession, calling for a reinvention of traditional PR as we know it. Radical PR is trying to get away from advocating the two-way symmetric “normative” approach to public relations because they … Continue reading

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Journalists' Right vs. PRs' Might

In the past few days there has been quite an uproar from the media due to the McCain campaign’s continued sheltering of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. On Tuesday and Wednesday she met with world leaders from the United Nations … Continue reading

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Effectively Engaging Employees

I think an important area often overlooked in PR is internal communications. This is crucial because if the employees are not happy, then business is not going to run smoothly. Employees need to be informed, they need to have an … Continue reading

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