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Harnessing the Power of Insight Tools

Determining your target audience is often the first struggle during media campaign development. Luckily for public relations professionals in this era, many audience insight tools have been created to make that first step easier. Here are a few of our … Continue reading

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Royal Twitter Takeover

#RoyalBaby. #RoyalWedding. #RoyalAnything, The Twitterverse explodes with any major royal milestone. In the 24 hours since the announcement of the newest royal baby, there have been more than 70,000 uses of #royalbaby according to People.com. Social media, Twitter in particular, … Continue reading

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Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

I only have one major bit of advice to avoid “Death by Powerpoint:” AVOID POWERPOINT AT ALL COSTS! The first time I heard the phrase, “Death by PowerPoint,” was last semester by a fellow V3 Communications collegue. We were preparing … Continue reading

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What do we do? Follow the trends!

On the BadPitch blog, I found an interesting post all about following trends. By the way, if you haven’t starting read this blog yet, you should. It’s full of amazing and fun insight. Side note over. Anyways, the author of … Continue reading

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