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Connecting with Snowbirds

Saturday marks the beginning of fall. For many residents, the seasonal change doesn’t mean much since daily temperatures will stay in the 90’s throughout September. However, this season most notably marks the return of temporary residents often referred to as Snowbirds. … Continue reading

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Addicted to Your Smartphone?

It’s easy to find yourself accidentally spending an hour or two just scrolling through Instagram or Facebook on your cell. But, did you know you could have a Smartphone Addiction and it may be affecting your psychological and physical state. … Continue reading

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Podcast Playlist Every PR Pro Should Know

Google searches can tell you everything you need to know these days, but there is something I learned while commuting to graduate school every day no one shared: how to turn time I used to see as “wasteful” into a … Continue reading

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SXSW Signals Future of Storytelling

From humble roots as a charming music festival in Austin, Texas, South by Southwest has grown into a massive two-week showcase of innovation. Technological innovation in particular has become a huge part of the festivities. At the 2016 iteration, its … Continue reading

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Apple’s New Releases Hit or Miss?

Media hits exploded when Apple announced plans to expand its product line. With coverage from nearly every major news outlet, Apple created a phenomena about the coveted new iPhone release Sept 19. Some highlights from this reveal: Apple Watch, a … Continue reading

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Uber Drivers’ Mixed Signals

Forget calling a cab. The new transportation service Uber advertises that there are easier ways to catch a ride home. The Uber software locates drivers near a desired area and with the tap of an app on a smartphone, a sleek, … Continue reading

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Tracking Smarter Smartphones

How smart can we make the smartphone? This is the primary question for major technology companies. Recently, questions were raised about Facebook developing its own smartphone after the social media platform bought WhatsApp. Google also already developed its version of … Continue reading

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Google Tells Users Avoid ‘Glasshole’ Tag

Google has been in the news this week for giving Google Glass users etiquette tips for using the high-tech device. While there are many positive aspects about the revolutionary technology, there have been some repercussions about the use of the … Continue reading

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‘Paper’ App Sidesteps PR Presence

On Feb 3, Facebook launched a new media-reading app called Paper. It’s designed to ease the task of keeping track of the latest headlines, photos and video by putting the content into one user-friendly app. The day after Paper launched, … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Wallet? Mobile Apps

In this digital age, there are numerous ways technology is revolutionizing things we do in our daily lives. For example, now it is possible to store your personal credit card information in your smartphone to use at retail stores and … Continue reading

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