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Unity A Common Thread in New Ads

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, commercials were simplistic. They showcased the product, maybe mentioned the slogan of the brand that made the product, and sometimes if we were lucky, they would show the product in use. Modern day commercials … Continue reading

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Black Panther Hits High Notes in Soundtrack Strategy

Black Panther, the newest superhero film in the Marvel Universe, is projected to be one of the top grossing films of all time.  The plot follows T’Challa who returns home to an isolated but technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda … Continue reading

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Growing an Online Audience

This week, Vice President of Marketing Strategy Rob Bean at Burns Marketing hosted a webinar called “Building Online Audiences.” The webinar addressed how to cultivate and maintain an audience that can discover information about products and services digitally without a brand’s help. Since publics … Continue reading

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Why it pays to be a geek in PR

While browsing the blogosphere, I came across a blog posted on The New PR, titled “Why it pays to be a geek in PR.” The title alone captured my attention, thus I read on. In this blog, Ryan Anderson explains … Continue reading

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This week's posting ideas

I will be coming back to this post as I come across more suggestions, so check back here if you’re looking for ideas. I would love for someone to post about the Pepsi rebranding campaign, which is being discussed all … Continue reading

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