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Fact vs Fiction: Debunking PR Myths

PR practitioners have heard it all — the good, the bad and the ugly. Because public relations is a fairly new profession, there’s are myths that people outside the field, and even in the field, subscribe to. However, the reality … Continue reading

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Office Friendships Aid Teamwork

There is an array of skills to master in order to be considered a true public relations professional including management, research, social media and communications. Still, one-on-one internal communications often takes a backseat. “I’m not here to make friends,” is … Continue reading

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Brand Humor: Highs, Lows of Sass and Sizzle

What makes you follow a brand on social media? Maybe it posts really aesthetically-pleasing photos. Maybe it features giveaways and contests. Maybe it engages you in a unique way — with a sense of humor. While using social media for … Continue reading

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Spooky Season is Boo-tiful for Retailers

We all know during the holiday season, stores can get crazy busy and people can be a tad more irritable. With Halloween right around the corner, what does this mean for companies or retail stores? What does that mean for … Continue reading

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Pumping Up PR Skills

When it comes to making summer plans, students often feel torn between traveling and working a full-time internship. On one hand, you have the rest of your life to work. On the other, you need a resume that reflects job … Continue reading

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Connecting with Snowbirds

Saturday marks the beginning of fall. For many residents, the seasonal change doesn’t mean much since daily temperatures will stay in the 90’s throughout September. However, this season most notably marks the return of temporary residents often referred to as Snowbirds. … Continue reading

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Colors Signal Emotion, Response

Transitioning into the fall season may not seem like a big deal for many, but for marketers and public relations specialists, it’s time to switch gears. In the summer, you may see bright colors or pastels around Easter. In the … Continue reading

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What’s Your Type-ography?

In public relations, messaging is everything. Whether that message is in-your-face through text or implied through design, how you say it matters. One of the most basic, yet most neglected, aspects of messaging is typography. It’s on every communication platform … Continue reading

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Unity A Common Thread in New Ads

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, commercials were simplistic. They showcased the product, maybe mentioned the slogan of the brand that made the product, and sometimes if we were lucky, they would show the product in use. Modern day commercials … Continue reading

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Gun Debate Triggers Corporate Response

In the wake of the Feb. 14 Parkland school shooting in Florida, many companies are taking a stand against the National Rifle Association. Companies are taking it upon themselves to be proactive in the gun control movement in the absence of … Continue reading

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