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Southwest’s ‘First-Class’ Response

On Sunday, Oct 11, Southwest Airlines passengers on more than 800 flights around the country experienced lengthy delays due to a technical glitch in the company’s systems. Disgruntled passengers took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their grievances, prompting Southwest … Continue reading

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Little Caesars Serves Up #1 Ad But Blah Pizza

Young Americans hungry for Little Caesars’ new soft pretzel crust pizza got a bad taste in their mouths, after September’s top television commercial misrepresented the company’s latest menu item. The latest Nielsen Brand Effect survey determined the Top 10 television … Continue reading

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DiGiorno’s Half-Baked Tweet

DiGiorno’s #whyIstayed tweet is one of the most embarrassing social media blunders we’ve seen. In case you don’t follow DiGiorno, (I found the story on PR Daily) in the midst of the social media conversation about domestic violence surrounding the … Continue reading

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Papa’s Raising Pizza Prices Thanks To ‘Obamacare’

You know “Papa John” from the famous “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza: Papa John’s” commercials?  Well, John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, is about to have a similar, smaller scale version of the Chik-Fil-A situation.  Schnatter recently stated that … Continue reading

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