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Harnessing the Power of Insight Tools

Determining your target audience is often the first struggle during media campaign development. Luckily for public relations professionals in this era, many audience insight tools have been created to make that first step easier. Here are a few of our … Continue reading

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Hashtag Hijack Detours Campaign

Fill in the blank at the end of this hashtag: #ImA                 . Is it that difficult to confine yourself to one hashtag? The “Republicans Are People Too” campaign doesn’t think so. The goal of this campaign, according to Boston.com, “aims … Continue reading

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Social Tactics Toss Up

We’ve all heard our fair share of PR stories — some triumphs and others that exemplify campaign tactics resulting in, well, failure — sometimes epic failure. There are two basic premises to remember before beginning a campaign, hash tagging a … Continue reading

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