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Platforms Fall Flat in Crisis Response

Operating a client’s social media accounts is an immensely important role for public relations professionals. Whether it’s communicating to followers during a crisis, promoting an upcoming campaign or gaining brand loyalty, each social media platform is unique in the way … Continue reading

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Will Weinstein Split Save Marchesa?

In the weeks after the initial exposure of Harvey Weinstein’s widespread sexual abuse in Hollywood, the scandal has continued to grow as new allegations surface. Simultaneously, the situation has sent another brand into crisis: the high-fashion designer Marchesa. Known for … Continue reading

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Comcast Outage Fuels Twitter Outrage

Today’s digital age is infused with social media that can either highlight a brand’s triumphs or amplify its pitfalls.  We saw that with the Chipotle E. coli outbreak and how the company struggled to respond in a timely manner when the incidents … Continue reading

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Social Media Flex Power in Brussels Terror

ISIS has taken responsibility for a series of bombings in Brussels, Belgium that occurred on Tuesday, March 22. The attacks at the Brussels Airport and at a nearby metro station are rumored to have killed more than 30 people and … Continue reading

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Costume Triggers Boos, Backlash

Halloween is just around the corner. That means it’s time for companies to whip out the inappropriate and offensive costumes from their storage units and put them on sale, starting with Amazon. Earlier this year, Caitlyn Jenner costumes received lots … Continue reading

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Red Bull Winging It?

Have companies made claims that using their product will make you ageless? Flawless? Stronger? How about giving you wings?  Yes, wings. That’s exactly what the beverage company Red Bull promised its consumers, figuratively speaking. The company even launched cartoon commercials … Continue reading

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#NYPDfail in Twitter Outreach

On April 22, 2014 the New York Police Dept. asked Twitter users share pictures of themselves interacting with officers using #myNYPD. The image accompanying this message depicted a man with his arms around two officers. The post seemed to have … Continue reading

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Uber Drivers’ Mixed Signals

Forget calling a cab. The new transportation service Uber advertises that there are easier ways to catch a ride home. The Uber software locates drivers near a desired area and with the tap of an app on a smartphone, a sleek, … Continue reading

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Lululemon CEO Chips Brand’s Reputation

Lululemon, popular Canadian athletic and yoga wear retailer for women, has found itself in a PR pinch.   Photo courtesy of Lululemon In April 2013, the brand lost more than $67 million on a massive recall of almost 17 percent … Continue reading

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PR Woes Drain Energy from Power Drink

The FDA will now require energy drinks to be sold as a beverage, not a dietary supplement, after 13 deaths and a letter from 18 doctors and researchers. For more than a decade, drinks like Monster Energy and Five-Hour Energy … Continue reading

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