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Why Video is Vital

In today’s world everything is online and everyone feels the need to record every funny moment of every day. What does this mean for brands? Think video, all the time. From a Forbes article,Ā Five Reasons Why Video Will Be Crucial … Continue reading

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Visual Storytelling PR’s Hottest Trend

The evolution of the media landscape has changed the way public relations works in many companies. Brands have now transitioned from depending solely on traditional media outlets to producing their own customer-focused content and news through journalists and PR professionals … Continue reading

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GIFs Say It With Pictures

As communication moves online and via text message, people lose social cues such as facial expressions, body language and tone. To compensate, some individuals use emoticons like šŸ™‚ and šŸ™ to express emotions. This morphed into emojis through which anyone … Continue reading

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Growing an Online Audience

This week, Vice President of Marketing StrategyĀ Rob BeanĀ atĀ Burns MarketingĀ hosted a webinar called “Building Online Audiences.” The webinar addressed how to cultivate and maintain an audience that can discover information about products and services digitally without a brand’s help. Since publics … Continue reading

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Targeting Pinterest: A Social Media Plan

Social media is not only a way to brand yourself, meet others and stay connected but it is now becoming a popular way to strategically market content. A TechCrunch article stated, they ā€œattained exclusive data from comScore showing Pinterest just … Continue reading

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