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Rock, Paper, Scissors — Android?

Android released a new television commercial on Feb. 28 that tugs at the kid in all of us. The ad tells the story of Rock, Paper and Scissors — three different things that do not fit with their respective groups. … Continue reading

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Little Caesars Serves Up #1 Ad But Blah Pizza

Young Americans hungry for Little Caesars’ new soft pretzel crust pizza got a bad taste in their mouths, after September’s top television commercial misrepresented the company’s latest menu item. The latest Nielsen Brand Effect survey determined the Top 10 television … Continue reading

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Subway Bites Into Controversy

Eat Fresh, Five Dollar Foot Long and the Jared commercials are a few of Subway’s successful advertising campaigns. However, its latest commercial has generated more backlash than profits. In the first days of October, Subway released a new Halloween themed … Continue reading

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Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Fresh From The Vine

America’s favorite coffee and donut shack is stepping ahead of the competition. Being unique sets you apart in the ratings and in the public arena, and Dunkin’ Donuts did just that when itĀ unveiled its new commercial during Monday Night Football … Continue reading

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#thekiss: Totally Genius or Totally Gross?

GoDaddy premiered its new commercial during the 2013 Super Bowl. But, was the commercial, which portrays Bar Rafaeli as the “sexy” side of GoDaddy and Walter as the “smart” side before they passionately kiss for what seems like hours, a … Continue reading

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