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Toys R Us: No More Fun and Games

Every kid longs for the day they get to wander down the aisles of endless toys, games and crafts at Toys R Us. Little do they know of the megastore’s lackluster performance which ultimately led to the closing of all … Continue reading

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Harnessing the Power of Insight Tools

Determining your target audience is often the first struggle during media campaign development. Luckily for public relations professionals in this era, many audience insight tools have been created to make that first step easier. Here are a few of our … Continue reading

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Social Media Users Tango with New Numbers

By Lisa Travis | RE: vive | January 25, 2018 The 21st century marketer’s dream tool belt is currently undergoing yet another series of changes that bring both good and bad news for those social media butterflies. New Facebook and Instagram … Continue reading

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Easy Tips on SEO

Everyone in the world of journalism, whether print or online, should have an idea about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if they don’t, they are far behind the curve. SEO is the process of acquiring volume or quality of traffic … Continue reading

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What We Should Take Away From Blogs

I thought this current post from PRSA was perfect for our final week of blogging this semester.  As students we are often expected to do assignments that we may feel are unnessessary, especially if we have many lingering assignments that … Continue reading

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Graduate School or Work?

I cannot make up my mind.  Do I go to graduate school or start working and then return to graduate school? There are pros and cons to each decision. Graduate school is expensive and time consuming, yet it allows you … Continue reading

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Reputations are on the line on-line

I ran across a interesting topic on crisisblogger concerning executive worry about online reputations.  It drew on a story from PRweek about a survey taken called Risky Business: Reputation Online.  What struck me most was that of the 700 top … Continue reading

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