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Personal PR: Relationship Science

It’s in the name – public relations specialists must be able to build relationships with the public. As anyone old enough to read this has probably figured out, everyone is unique. Some people are are kinder than others, some are … Continue reading

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It’s the little moments that count

There are so many things I love about this profession I’m in, no matter the winding road it took me to get here. When I first started j-school, I was a print major. That is,¬†until I discovered something I knew … Continue reading

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How Should Companies Handle Negative Comments?

A number of organizations have yet to dive headfirst into social media applications for the dread of the negative or offensive feedback that could result.¬† The fear seems centered on the fact that there is an ease of use within … Continue reading

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Relationships: Face-to-Face

A key part of the public relations field is not only keeping relationships organizations already have, but building new ones as well. It is easy to say that we have relationships with people with all of the social media outlets … Continue reading

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