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Social Responsibility vs Total Societal Impact

One of the most common types of PR campaigns is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model. Through a CSR campaign, companies align themselves with a societal issue to help cultivate public awareness, generate funds or develop solutions. By doing this, … Continue reading

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Love Works in Brand Storytelling

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie What do all successful marketing campaigns have in common? Their product isn’t at the center … Continue reading

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Augmenting Consumers’ Reality

Augmented reality marketing is on track to trend with interest rising each day. Several brands are encouraging consumers to be more active in the technology world, sometimes even offering an incentive. What does this mean for PR? When discussing more … Continue reading

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Paying a Price for Friendly Persuasion

Her name is Victoria. Victoria is physically fit, sports brown hair, lives an active lifestyle, and is popular on Instagram. You’ve never met but you feel some sort of connection with Victoria, given she’s from your hometown. Victoria is a … Continue reading

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Finding Common Ground

Right now, the political climate in the United States is heated. As communication professionals that potentially will work in an agency setting with various accounts and clients, it’s important to know how to develop effective messaging that can speak to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Brand Story?

You might find yourself in a pattern of thinking that your budget isn’t big enough to produce the same calibre of work of brands like Apple, Nike, AirBNB and more that have begun successfully implementing storytelling techniques in their campaigns. … Continue reading

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Ditching Ivanka: Profits or Politics?

Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus are the latest in a string of retailers that dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line due to increased pressure from a nationwide campaign that targets Trump-supporting brands. The #grabyourwallet campaign started in October to encourage people to boycott … Continue reading

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Avoid Crises Managing You

Crisis management has always been associated with pubic relations but due to social media the magnitude of impact on a company has grown. A crisis today can quickly become international, e.g., Volkswagen, because of the globalization of the economy. I … Continue reading

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Social Media Skinny

Social media has shifted from trend to mainstay in the worlds of journalism and public relations. In order for a journalist or PR specialist to be successful, the strategic and smart use of social media is key. As Twitter becomes … Continue reading

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PR: Jack & Master of All Trades

In a world of different professions, it is easy to segregate a person’s talent. A politician should stick to politics, educators to teaching, troops to military, and so on. There is one profession however, that can truly do it all. … Continue reading

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