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Evolution of the Twitter prompt

I recently met a non-profit organization that three others and I are working with as our client for a PR campaigns class. When asking the members of this organization about their feelings regarding social media and its value in the … Continue reading

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San Diego Chargers’ PR Campaign is a winner

What do the San Diego Chargers and Ronald McDonald House have in common? Two very different organizations came together for one cause. In a blog titled Authentic PR Counsel, Krista Rodgers from Gable PR explained about the successful cause marketing … Continue reading

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Blogging is not dying

With technology advancing right before our eyes day after day, it should come as no surprise that people begin to think of blogging as yesterday’s news. According to a blog written by Jon Clemments, “Social Media Café – A boost … Continue reading

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Pitching an Ocean Full

I’ve never considered with great thought the process that it takes to catch a fish. I once took a try at the sport on a lake about two years ago and had minimal success. It could have been that my … Continue reading

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Tweet Success: Twitter secures nearly $1 Billion

Some of us may have no interest in Twitter and see it as a social networking site that will fade over time. The rest of us are avid Twitter users who use the social networking site in many ways including … Continue reading

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Social Media vs. Mass Media

Last month, The Future Buzz blogger, Adam Singer, wrote about the future of social networking and the death of print in his blog titled, Mass Media vs. Niche Media. He brought forth conversation about how specific tools, such as Facebook … Continue reading

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Relationships: Face-to-Face

A key part of the public relations field is not only keeping relationships organizations already have, but building new ones as well. It is easy to say that we have relationships with people with all of the social media outlets … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 demands brevity from PR professionals

Since the beginning of my career in J-school, I have asked myself how I can become a better storyteller. As one who loves learning about all things PR, I am curious about new ways to present information that will be … Continue reading

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