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PR, Relationships and Barack Obama…

First I would just like to say that I LOVE how every blog I looked at, no matter what aspect of PR it was talking about somehow related to Barack Obama winning the election last week. I know American Politics … Continue reading

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Facebook, iPhones and Other New Avenues for Communications…

As I have seen in my tenure here in college the use and necessity of cell phones and facebook has exploded. This past weekend, I went on a trip to California to ASU take on (and summarily get slaughtered by) … Continue reading

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Viral Videos, the Next New Thing in PR?

God, I hope not! In the PR Squared blog by Todd Defren done this past Friday, viral marketing was the topic of the day. This link will take you too the site, PR Squared-Viral Videos. As stated in the blog, … Continue reading

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So you click on the button that says show/hide kitchen sink then another row of buttons shows up and one of them has a little clipboard with the Word Tile on it…click it and then paste from word. It gets … Continue reading

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