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Ringing In Criticism

As the Starbucks cup debate continues with loud yells from both pro-Christmas-ers and pro-Starbucks-ers, another debate is heating up.  Target has generated significant backlash for their over-the-top Christmas sweater, sporting the acronym OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder. In the media, we … Continue reading

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Change … Had Enough?

Ketchum recently conducted a study about change and how it affects employees. “Ketchum Change surveyed over 500 leaders of large corporations within seven countries,” reports Ketchum’s website. The study found “95 percent of respondents report managing change is critical to … Continue reading

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Merger Takes Bumpy Flight

As US Airways takes its last flight, it raises the question, what’s next for the biggest airline merger in history? In 2013, American Airlines and US Airways announced plans to merge, creating the biggest airline in the world, according to … Continue reading

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Female Leaders Missing in C-Suites

It is fact, just look at our class, that women outnumber men in PR two to three.  Not only are we outnumbering the men, we are excelling in the field.  PR is counter to the dainty, girlish stereotype as are … Continue reading

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