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Jeremy Pepper, blogger of POP! PR Jots, takes a stab at laying out rules for Twitter-ing. His rules were derived from his lack of tolerance for Twitter-idiocy. As an avid Twitter-er, Pepper outlines his set of laws for the Twittervese in … Continue reading

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Presentations that Engage: Caleb Chung, Pleo the Dinosaur

As I was searching through I came across a recent “talk” by Caleb Chung, a well-known inventor of interactive children’s toys such as the Furby. Recently, he launched a robot named Pleo that is an functioning, walking, responding, trainable … Continue reading

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Ease of PR on the Net Hurting Independent Thought and Creativity

     It is no secret that advances in technology have made our world a smaller place. The internet obviously allows for quick dissemination of information, easy access to various forms of media and the ability to interact with people across … Continue reading

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