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University of California stops using Gmail over security concerns

Every time I open my computer, the first thing I do is check my Arizona State University e-mail, from Gmail. I like to think that Google is one of the most reliable websites. To me, my e-mail is one of … Continue reading

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Cronkite Graduation: 15 days 7 hours 44 minutes

WAY TO GO CLASS OF 2010, we are almost done! As I type, the minutes are going down until we graduate from Cronkite. So who is ready? I am! Well, okay it hasn’t hit me yet. When I was younger … Continue reading

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I was reading an article about while watching an MTV True Life program about how teens are addicted to Facebook and their digital devices. A male and female on the episode were so addicted to the social media world … Continue reading

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Stalking people? No it is just Foursquare

Have you ever walked into a new restaurant hoping that it will be delicious, but you did not know what to expect? Or, have you ever gone to a concert and thought, “I wonder if I will run into anyone … Continue reading

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2-Year-Old Finds iPad Easy to Use

The iPad is not only for teens and adults, according to two-year-olds can use them too! What is our world coming to? Two-year-olds are playing with  apps like Dr. Seuss on the iPad. When I was growing up I … Continue reading

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Pay for Starbucks with your iPhone

Imagine going into a store without any cash, just your iPhone and your keys. Our future is starting to look like this. Starbucks recently came out with an idea to collaborate with Target stores, so customers can pay for Starbucks … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber’s talent discovered on YouTube

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin Bieber was discovered on everyone’s favorite social media video website, YouTube. Bieber has taken the world by storm with one heartthrob song after another, and he is just 16-years-old. Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mother, began posting … Continue reading

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eReader for iPad

We can only hope that our grandchildren will never have the option to ask us what a newspaper is. However, with the internet and new digital opportunities arising there is more of a chance of that scenario occurring. Imagine being … Continue reading

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Twitter plays detective role

No one knows what the future may bring, however we can tweet about our thoughts. Twitter has been populating the Cronkite School like a wildfire.  Twitter has opened business opportunities for many and and recently reunited  Austin Horse and his … Continue reading

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McDonald’s strikes deal with Weight Watchers

Serving 46 million customers every day, McDonald’s recently paired up with one of the world’s leading weight loss programs, Weight Watchers. The world’s leading fast-food chain and Weight Watchers will be promoting menu items, such as fish sandwiches and Chicken … Continue reading

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