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Creating a Personal Brand

With most of us being on the verge of graduating and entering into the ‘real world’, I found a particular post to be quite interesting.  This post caught my eye because it mentioned the idea of personal brands. While we … Continue reading

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Ten Easy Steps to Presenting

  Putting together a powerpoint presentation for the purpose of promoting an idea or campaign can be quite daunting if you don’t know what your doing.  With little time, you have to sell yourself in the best way possible, making … Continue reading

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The Art of Presenting

 After hundreds of times going in front of a group, whether small or large, I seem to always get an intense amount of stage fright overwhelm me at the very thought of a presentation.  My normally calm, outgoing self always … Continue reading

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What Makes a 'Bad' PR Agent?

While reading some PR blogs, I happened to stumble across an article entitled “9 signs of a Bad PR Agent”.  Of course, being a student getting prepared to launch into the industry, it caught my attention.  I was quite curious … Continue reading

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