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Creativity is a must!

Amy Tan talks about our inner creativity in this presentation.  I thought this would be beneficial for a good presentation to review, but also to get ideas on how to be creative in our life, which can help when you’re … Continue reading

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Pictures are worth a thousand words

As we enter the world of PR, it is very important to know what’s gong on not only in our immediate society, but the world around us. Whether you choose to practice PR locally or internationally, it’s important to be … Continue reading

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Is this how the World Views PR?

[youtube=] I choose this particular commercial to share with everyone because I saw it on TV and thought it would spark a lot of discussion as to how PR is viewed by society. Are PR practitioners “truth-spinners?” Do we “sugar-coat” … Continue reading

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Using Every Trick in the Book

[youtube=] I came across this video in a class last year that really made me think about the effect public relations has on society. In this video we see the Sewage Sludge Industry trying to create a more appealing image … Continue reading

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