Visual Storytelling PR’s Hottest Trend

The evolution of the media landscape has changed the way public relations works in many companies. Brands have now transitioned from depending solely on traditional media outlets to producing their own customer-focused content and news through journalists and PR professionals themselves.

One of the top must-have abilities for PR professionals is no longer social media, but content creation. Now, every brand’s hope is to produce content that captures the attention of its audience and triggers action. This need for creative content in the PR field has led to a heightened use of visual storytelling to target audiences.

What is Visual Storytelling?

Visual storytelling is the act of communicating messages to an audience primarily using visual media. This may include the use of graphics, images, pictures and videos that drive emotions and encourage interaction. However, this is not just about uploading stock photos onto blogs and social media posts, but rather making sure that the visuals you use work well with your message. Just like headlines, visuals influence an audience’s own interpretations and first impressions about your content.

Apart from grabbing your audience’s attention, visual storytelling will help your brand to resonate and connect more deeply while creating an image for your brand. For instance, an audience should be able to tell what your brand is about immediately after they see the very first visual on your website. Have you ever wondered why you remember stories from movies you have watched more than you remember the ones which were orally communicated to you? That is the power of visual storytelling! Humans are more likely to remember content with images and videos than just a list of facts.

Now to remind ourselves about the importance of creativity, let us look at some simple examples of how a PR pro working for a health organization might use visual storytelling in messaging.

To advise and encourage people to eat healthy in order to stay healthy:

To encourage people to drink at least eight glasses of water for proper body functioning:

To encourage people to exercise regularly in order to lose weight:

And finally, instead of me just telling you to “Be creative in your storytelling,” I’d rather be creative myself and use the graphic below:

Now tell me. What are your thoughts about the present use of visual storytelling in PR? And, as the media landscape keeps evolving, do you think you are ready to adapt to new PR trends and create even more content in the future?


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