Unity A Common Thread in New Ads

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, commercials were simplistic. They showcased the product, maybe mentioned the slogan of the brand that made the product, and sometimes if we were lucky, they would show the product in use.

Modern day commercials are more than just a company showcasing its product. Successful commercials today not only show a range of products but deliver a specific message and feeling to those watching. These commercials reflect a company’s mission and beliefs while engaging the audience with entertainment.

GAP, Nike, Adidas and H&M have released new commercials this year that go above and beyond with their public relations efforts and their creative messaging.

  1. GAP – Gap Logo Remix features SZA and Metro BoominGAP showcases some of their past logos and clothes in the commercial but beyond the product, you see a mix of nine cultures coming together through the power of music and dance.
  2. Nike – Choose Go commercial features Kobe Bryant, Kevin Hart, Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe, Sadie Sink and Bill Nye. This humorous scenario wonders if the world stopped turning on its axis and the only way to get it moving again is by the power of the foot. In the commercial, Nike unites people from around the world to get out and run in order to reach the same goal: to get the world to move on its axis again. The message at large is to unify people around the world through the power of exercise. Nike products are also featured but not highlighted.
  3. Adidas – Original is Never Finished features Nick Young and 21 Savage. While this ad is a little more product focused, it still conveys a positive message. The setting gives this illusion that everyone is in the same building and on different levels trying to get to the top. Each level features a different culture, activity, gender, scene or idea. You can even see the controversial movement of “kneeling” that Colin Kaepernick began in the NFL. Ultimately, the spot offers a motivational message to keep climbing to reach the top.
  4. GAP – Meet Me In The Gap, Experiment. In. Color. GAP released this video in February and it just speaks for itself. It not only shows diversity through a color wheel but people from different cultures. All begin the same way, then break out in their own dance moves and then unite to finish. All while advertising GAPs color jeans. But one doesn’t focus on the jeans but rather the unity of the diverse people wearing them.
  5. H&M – Spring Collection stars Winona Rider and Elizabeth Olson. Like the GAP ad, this commercial needs no explanation. Females from all backgrounds unite to dance with one another and celebrate the power of women.

    While each commercial is unique, all of the companies share a message of unity and diversity. If you watched these videos, did you notice that you were not necessarily focused on the product but rather the story line and deeper meanings behind the commercials?

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