Thumbs Down on Snapchat Update?

In January 2018, Snapchat updated its platform in order to post previously captured content. It wanted posts to appear without the distinctive white border, signifying it is from a camera roll, and also combining messages, posts, stories and ads all together on the main interface.

The goal seemed to be to separate user content from brand content and advertising. But will putting such an emphasis on advertising and branded content hurt the app? This is the popular app’s new new layout:

According to an article on Techcrunch, when the app update was launched in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, 83 percent of the App Store reviews were negative and received only one or two stars. If the response was so negative, why did Snapchat decide to move forward with the update worldwide?

In a Variety article, Snapchat made it clear it plans on sticking with the app redesign and hopes people get used to the update. This begs the question, should a company or app listen to the people or follow the advertising dollars? With the new update, Snapchat will make more money with an abundance of paid content and advertising.

The new update is completely confusing to me and I stopped using Snapchat all together over the past few months. It will be interesting to see if Snapchat can survive on the advertising revenue they are now generating or if so many users abandon the app it must rethink the update. Looking at the tweet above, it seems there are no plans to shift strategy anytime soon.

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