Share a PepsiMoji Soon in 100 Countries

After a strong reception to their test campaigns in Canada, Thailand and Russia, PepsiCo is set to roll out their latest campaign “Say it With Pepsi” in 100 countries this summer.

“Say it With Pepsi” is a campaign that is made for digital and social media platforms with artwork revolving around emojis – or “PepsiMojis” – and the hashtags #SAYITWITHPEPSI and #PepsiMoji. The campaign encourages sharing photos and actual PepsiMojis (through the PepsiMoji smartphone App of course) via social media.

The PepsiCo design team has created unique PepsiMojis to be used throughout their packaging and promotional material throughout the campaign. According to the PepsicCo’s Design and Innovation website, “The designs incorporate the essence of Pepsi — the brand’s iconic globe shape and the colors of blue, red and white — for a universal language that is proprietary to the brand.”

Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? #PepsiMoji

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According to an article from AdWeek, the campaign will extend beyond soft drinks. Pepsi is set to collaborate with fashion designer Jeremy Scott and football with the UEFA.

By creating a social-driven campaign like Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign or any Starbucks’ red cup, Pepsi is aiming to grab the attention and positive social feedback these campaigns often generate.

Like a thousand tiny fireworks. More #RedCupArt at #Regram: @carolynsewell from Virginia, USA.

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Do you think emojis are the way to go in order to connect with a tech-driven audience or is it somewhat unprofessional and Pepsi could be going about it differently?

Personally, I think this is a great idea. People love their emojis and in a world where Coca-Cola is king, Pepsi needs a boost. The “Say it With Pepsi” campaign could give them that.


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