Rock, Paper, Scissors — Android?

Android released a new television commercial on Feb. 28 that tugs at the kid in all of us. The ad tells the story of Rock, Paper and Scissors — three different things that do not fit with their respective groups. By the end of the ad, they become an unlikely trio when they discover that their differences cannot limit their friendship, despite the fact that rock beats scissors and scissors beats paper.

Paper and Scissors become friends in Android's new ad.

Paper and Scissors become friends in Android’s new ad.

This ad provides a narrative that aligns with Android’s slogan — “Be together, not the same.” This slogan, and the ad in general, seems to poke fun at Apple, whose iPhone has taken over the mobile phone industry.

The ad fosters nostalgia in viewers by integrating familiar settings like a school and a park with the childhood game of rock, paper, scissors. Some viewers may even relate to the characters’ experiences.

Interestingly, this ad never shows or mentions any of Android’s products. This may have been due to the fact that Android intended the ad as shareable content on social media to promote awareness of the brand as a whole, not a specific product.

Do you think that this ad increases Android’s brand equity? Does it set the company apart from Apple in a positive or negative way?

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