Copper Topping Tests Mac’s Mettle

It’s not pink slime nor dark meat nuggets that are pushing McDonald’s into the limelight this time, but rather molten copper. That’s right, molten copper is the new buzz surrounding McDonald’s food.

It’s not in the food nor used in its creation, in fact, it can’t even destroy it. YouTuber Tito4re, who is known for pouring molten metal over various products decided to dump melted copper on top of the McDonald’s Big Mac.

In most of Tito4re’s videos, the product under the metal melts. However, the Big Ma322F398C00000578-3491819-image-m-30_1457975695020c put up a fight. First, he poured the copper over the full burger, the bun simply caught fire and burned a little. Tito4re removed the bun and went for the meat, drenching it in molten copper. The only change in the meat was that it went from being a cooked patty to a burnt patty. No holes, no fire, no dissolving burger, just burnt.

McDonald’s food is known for its long shelf life. People have kept products from McDonald’s for as long as 14 years and have seen no mold or signs or decay, however it is somewhat shocking to see a burger withstand 2,000-degree heat. At the end of the video, most viewers are probably asking, why doesn’t my burger dissolve under 1,984-degree temperatures? McDonald’s has yet to offer any kind of response so questions will remain unanswered. How would you respond to this video if you were McDonald’s?

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