Target-ing Special Audiences

This year, Target included a young girl dressed as Elsa in their Halloween costume advertisement and it received lots of publicity.

The main character in a record-breaking Disney movie, it only seems natural that Target would want to advertise that it’s carrying costumes from the film. So why did it receive national attention?

The young girl dressed as Queen Elsa was using crutches.

Target has taken yet another leap into inclusiveness with its offering. The company has received praise from parents who have children with disabilities and disability advocate groups.

This new ad follows Target using a plus-sized model and removing all gender labeling in its children’s toys.

However, many do think that Target is taking it too far and are just trying to make a point now.

If you were part of Target’s PR team, would you continue with this path of inclusive advertising? Or would you listen to those who disapprove and go back to “traditional” advertising?Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.08.14 AM

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1 Response to Target-ing Special Audiences

  1. Megan Brown says:

    To the people who think Target took their inclusive ideals “too far” are absolutely mad. As a former Target employee of over 4 years, I had always thought their toy aisles were far to gender exclusive as the “boy” aisles are lined with blue while the “girl” aisles are lined with the most obnoxious shade of hot pink. To see this massive company take a firm stance for inclusiveness is progress as a society. I do believe that a return to ‘traditional’ advertising would be a hinderance as so much progress has been made and so many young children with crutches were probably jumping with joy because they were represented in an advertisement they would have previously struggled to relate to.

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