HoHoHo #RedCups or HoOhNo

The holiday season is back and in full force. It’s almost as if the clock struck midnight on Halloween and we woke up on Christmas morning. Whole Foods has Christmas lights up, Target welcomes you with red and white-checkered throw pillows and the hotly anticipated Starbucks Red Cups have re-appeared.

The first red cup campaign launched in 1997 and brought along with it an obsessive following that has spread across the globe. Annual redesigns are what keep the red cup campaign relevant, but after 18 different versions of one cup, it’s time to bring in something new. Please welcome the Red Cup emoji.


After revealing a carefully cropped and wintery-themed post on Twitter, simply hashtag #RedCups and you’ve got yourself a virtual latte to complement that perfect filter.

For some, this premature launch of Christmas marketing is just in bad taste. As mentioned in the AOl.com Article, David Beard, the executive editor at PRI tweeted, “Too soon! @Starbucks holiday red cups return. #RedCups #HoOhNo”


Is this premature holiday launch just a push to show the world a trademarked Red Cup emoji? Is it a method to prolong seasonal income? Or is it just a not-so-subtle attempt to become corporate ruler of Christmas?

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