Change … Had Enough?

Ketchum recently conducted a study about change and how it affects employees.

“Ketchum Change surveyed over 500 leaders of large corporations within seven countries,” reports Ketchum’s website.


The study found “95 percent of respondents report managing change is critical to business success” and “74 percent of those surveyed said change fatigue exists in their companies, within those, 39 percent said it is highly prevalent.”

What is change fatigue?

“Over my years of research, I’ve witnessed countless leaders try to implement change, but instead burn out their employees and create a sense of frustration in their organizations. This may seem like a classic case of what not to do, but this scenario is not unique to any kind of company, and it’s growing more common as the rate of change accelerates,” according to Ken Perlman and John Kotter in an article from Forbes.

As students we all know too well that technology, social media and all the other tools we have change rapidly.  From freshman year to senior the difference in class material is astounding.

But in organizations, where lies the issue?

Ketchum has an idea.

“Senior leaders not recognizing the exhausting effect continuous change and volatility has on employee,” said the study.  “A disconnect on the impact of change between the C-suite and senior leaders: 28 percent of partners and C-suite executives think change fatigue is highly prevalent in their companies, compared to 42 percent at the SVP, director and VP levels SVP levels.”

Do you feel the change fatigue already? Do you fear that there will come a time when you don’t know the newest or hottest trend? How will you keep yourself sane yet up-to-date?

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