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Silence Spikes Food Scare

This November, Chipotle has come under scrutiny for the E. Coli outbreak in its restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. According to PR Week, Chipotle finally broke the several-day silence and reached out to them to explain what steps they have … Continue reading

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Info Lag Adds Edge to E Coli Scare

In ironic timing with the release of the burrito emoji, contemporary Mexican grill and sorority girls’ favorite restaurant, Chipotle, was faced with the news that approximately 20 cases of E. coli were connected to their restaurant chain. As you can … Continue reading

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Discounts Pinching Luxury Brands

Recently, Business Insider reported companies that usually offer consumers up-scale products for a high price will open more discount outlets to drive sales. Stores like Nordstrom have already been doing this with more than 200 Nordstrom Rack discount stores across … Continue reading

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Change … Had Enough?

Ketchum recently conducted a study about change and how it affects employees. “Ketchum Change surveyed over 500 leaders of large corporations within seven countries,” reports Ketchum’s website. The study found “95 percent of respondents report managing change is critical to … Continue reading

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HoHoHo #RedCups or HoOhNo

The holiday season is back and in full force. It’s almost as if the clock struck midnight on Halloween and we woke up on Christmas morning. Whole Foods has Christmas lights up, Target welcomes you with red and white-checkered throw … Continue reading

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Twitter ‘Heart’ To Reignite Loyalty?

In early November, Twitter revamped its user interface replacing “favoriting” and the star that went with it with “liking” and a new heart icon. The explanation behind the change was to make the social network easier to use and connect … Continue reading

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Chipotle Closings: Safe or Sorry?

Let’s face it. Many have have an intense loyalty to Chipotle and their overstuffed burritos, fresh guacamole and tortilla chips with the perfect touch of lime. Their following seems unshakable, but the international chain has faced a crisis in the … Continue reading

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Female Empowerment Selling Insecurity?

Some companies are specifically focusing on women empowerment campaigns because the statistics show that they are highly effective. An article suggests that companies like Dove and Always that focus on female products receive rewards and applause for their campaigns. Others … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Paints VW as Villain in Emissions Misfire

Greenpeace, an international organization acting to promote peace and environmental protection, recently launched a social media campaign meant to attack Volkswagen on their response to the emissions scandal. The campaign highlights a smoke-breathing pumpkin emblazoned with the VW log and the … Continue reading

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REI Co-Op Values People Over Products

Seattle-based outdoor equipment retailer, REI, announced last week that it would be closed for Black Friday this year—a decision made in line with the company’s values, according to the company’s president and CEO, Jerry Stritzke. Not only will all 143 … Continue reading

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