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Walmart Costume in Poor Taste?

Every year there are a slew of costumes that arise surrounding the current year’s social topics or issues. Among a few this year are the popular Snap Chat and Caitlyn Jenner. But, when do these costumes go too far? Some consumers … Continue reading

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VW Excuses Gone Rogue

Volkswagen’s current crisis is common knowledge. The public is very aware of the company’s shady business practices and has learned that they rigged diesel cars to cheat emissions tests and cheat customers. Leading up to the reveal of the scandal, … Continue reading

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Tesco’s Viral Prank

Tesco, the United Kingdom-based grocery chain, isn’t messing around this Halloween. They got in the spirit by pranking customers at one of their stores and catching the entire act on video. Tesco seems to be following the “formula” for creating … Continue reading

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Target-ing Special Audiences

This year, Target included a young girl dressed as Elsa in their Halloween costume advertisement and it received lots of publicity. The main character in a record-breaking Disney movie, it only seems natural that Target would want to advertise that it’s … Continue reading

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Slow and Mo’ Snapchat

Snapchat has released a new set of filters that are changing the game — or speeding it up, slowing it down or rewinding it. The app released Speed Modifiers in an update Oct 28 that allow users to speed up, slow … Continue reading

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Got Fame?

Roughly half of all products that hit the shelf won’t pass the test of time. Within five years, many of these new arrivals are discontinued, only to be forgotten and banished to the sale racks. The 2015 PR News’ Platinum … Continue reading

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Talking Bubble Battles Bullying

­ Are you an iPhone user and recently updated to iOS 9’s? If so, you probably noticed the array of new emojis added to the scroll bar. With all the buzz of the update, one emoji in particular is getting lots … Continue reading

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