Social Media Skinny

Social media has shifted from trend to mainstay in the worlds of journalism and public relations. In order for a journalist or PR specialist to be successful, the strategic and smart use of social media is key.

As Twitter becomes our 24/7 news source, Instagram our aesthetically pleasing marketing tool and Facebook our hyper community message board, social media has taken over the communications universe. A current social media account is important for any journalist to stay relevant and aware of breaking news. As a public relations specialist, social media strategies and campaigns are some of the greatest tools we possess.

While social media is now a given across communications channels, a question emerges: Are social media jobs really necessary? Are the just a means to exploit our own skills to bring in a little bit more cash?

A search engine optimization specialist, social media strategist, social media marketing coordinator and blogger are all skills we possess as public relations specialists, yet all are titles appearing as current LinkedIn job listings. Are we using our skills to carve out a too-narrow niche in the job market that only we can fill?

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  1. Erin Mondt says:

    I like how your team brought up the topic of social media. We use it everyday to not only market ourselves but to promote companies and share our thoughts on certain topics. I do think social media jobs are necessary because I currently have one for Sun Devil Licensing at ASU. It is my job to organize and create all the Facebook posts and engage our Twitter followers. We do giveaways on our page every Friday that allows people to comment on the post for a chance to win. In the last year alone, we have gained over 1,000 followers due to the engagement of our fans and the constant interaction on our page.

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