PR: Jack & Master of All Trades

In a world of different professions, it is easy to segregate a person’s talent. A politician should stick to politics, educators to teaching, troops to military, and so on. There is one profession however, that can truly do it all. Public relations is the career where relationships, intelligence and strategy combine to create a well-rounded practitioner.

PR just recently merged with military in Pakistan. A PR officer was promoted in the Pakistani military. According to the press report, one of the reasons for the promotion was the officer’s ability to negotiate and communicate with other solders and troops. He was capable of relating to people even in a combat role.

Can PR people truly do it all? I believe they can because PR concentrates on relationships and strategy. PR people are always looking for the next opportunity and how to achieve it.

If a PR person with no military background can make it in the armed forces and move up the ranks, then why can’t PR people join other occupations? PR is one of the most versatile career fields and allows for endless possibilities.

What’s your take?

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2 Responses to PR: Jack & Master of All Trades

  1. Matthew Covert says:

    I think that PR is still evolving as an industry. So the needs of PR firms are also evolving. Because we are in a Schumpeterian moment in history, there are as many roles being created for PR professionals as there are being destroyed. PR professionals may be expected to be Web masters at the moment, but eventually PR firms will find a way to divide up these roles more efficiently. I think in an academic environment, it is easy to get lost in “what we should know” opposed to what we need to know. PR professionals should know InDesign, Photoshop, photography, graphic design and the list goes on. But PR professionals only need to know the key skills involved in engaging their publics, however, the need to be engaged.

  2. Natalie Crandall says:

    Personally, I do not believe Public Relations Specialists can do everything, but the one thing they can do effectively is communicate. Communication is the one way to unite as well as lead individuals and when someone has an extraordinary talent for delivering messages, everyone will listen. It is no surprise that a PR professional was promoted to a position in the military. When it comes to PR, it is necessary to learn how to work with any type of business in any type of setting and the military is no exception. Public Relations specialists have a knack for seeing objectives and strategies from an outside perspective but then solve them internally.

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