PC Bites Into Apple?

Rival PC makers Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Lenovo are teaming up with Microsoft and Intel to revamp the PC brand. An article by the Dubuque Telegraph Herald states PC users have vowed to avoid advertising their own brand name in favor of promoting PC as a whole. They are spreading a new slogan to take over the market, “PC does what”?

PC now offers increased versatility for their laptops and have slimmed down their devices to reflect a cleaner style. These brands banded together are driving a $70 million budget just to increase focus on the PC brand as a whole. Most new PCs are powered by Windows 10 which Microsoft claims is the best operating system yet.

Apple just released its iPad Pro for $800 and its keyboard will cost an additional $169. PC consumers will pay $500 to $700 for a PC which Microsoft hopes will convert many Apple users to PC systems.

Do you think this $70 million ad campaign will work? Why or why not?

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2 Responses to PC Bites Into Apple?

  1. Natalie Crandall says:

    Unfortunately, when it comes to PC or Apple, a $70 million ad campaign will probably not change a lot of consumers’ decisions. When it comes to choosing a computer, Apple users will most likely stick with Apple because of the convenience and user friendly interface. From the minute Apple came out, they have never had any major viruses or problems with the hard drive. PC on the other hand has had viruses, hard drive problems and has not been the sleekest or most user friendly computer. Just because the outer look has changed, many loyal Apple consumers will remember the poor reputation PC has had in the past and still run to Apple for their technology needs.

  2. Juliet Moo says:

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how much the campaign cost because to my knowledge, most Apple users are typically loyal to the brand. Apple’s exclusive software and user-friendly, unique interface make Apple a lovemark. The $70 million ad campaign might work for Android users, but if the goal is to convert Apple users, it might not be successful.

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