Gamers Blast ‘Mock War’ Posts

For the promotion of a new part of the Call of Duty  series, their social media team decided to create mock war announcements and post them on their Twitter page.

Messages such as:
UPDATE: Singapore authorities have officially announced a state of emergency and declared martial law.

Screenshot taken from the video games Twitter page showing their posts

Screenshot taken from the video game Twitter page showing their posts.

Of course, many people got scared with tweets favorited and retweeted at an alarming rate.
These messages were posted frequently and finally, the page announced that “This was a glimpse into the future fiction of #BlackOps3.

Many gamers are now upset because there have been too many real tragedies occurring lately, including bombings in China, and this is a bad way to advertise a game.

I don’t think that this was necessarily the most logical thing to do. I can see why or how this would work but they should have made it clear to their audience that everything they were tweeting was fiction. If an image of the game were added, the content may have been less controversial and more obvious to account followers.

Do you think the Call of Duty team had a good idea or tripped over their Twitter hype?

Did the controversy help or hurt the release?

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