BK Flips ‘Peace Burger’ in Fast-Food War

In an article in USA Today, a major campaign war is ongoing involving McDonalds and Burger King.

Burger King designed the “Peace Burger” and created a full-page ad stating that McDonalds and Burger King should set aside their beef and design a Whopper together for World Peace Day. McDonalds declined the offer.

The two fast-food giants are in a marketing war each with the same goal — to design a burger for World Peace Day in support of ending world hunger.

The Burger to end world hunger

The Burger to end world hunger ‘Peace Burger’

Since McDonalds refused to jump on board with Burger King, other partners joined BK including MasterCard and McCain Foods.

Burger King’s hashtag has appeared all over Twitter as #PeaceDayBurger and is going viral. Within the fast-food industry, despite McDonalds rejecting the potential collaboration between the two chains, Burger King’s campaign is taking off and doing extremely well.

If you were McDonalds executives and presented the proposal to team up with Burger King for World Peace Day, would you accept or deny the offer?

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