App Creates ‘Wolfpack’

Can you picture using an app to meet new friends with similar interests? With today’s technology, it’s possible and now available. Brian Solis mentions a new app, called Wolfpack in his Oct 15th blog post. Wolfpack is used specifically for guys seeking friends with similar interests. When the app is downloaded, you enter your hobbies then based on location, the app will suggest upcoming events or let you to create your own event.

Nile Niami, creator of Wolfpack, was inspired to design the app because of his friend’s divorce. Marriage took a toll on his friend’s social life and after being married for 20 years, he lost track of old friends. It’s hard to create new friendships, but with the help of Wolfpack you can geo-locate potential new friends in the area with similar interests. Solis, who compared the app to Foursquare, believes this app is contributing to the rise of “social nicheworks.” Solis travels extensively and when at home he works on research or his next book project. He admits that sometimes your best friends are unavailable or don’t even share some of your interests, for example, seeing your favorite band perform live.

I personally I like the name Wolfpack; it reminds me of the movie The Hangover.  I think this app is a great way to use social media to make real world connections.

Solis made an excellent point. He says the app, “facilitates momentary friendships that offer realistic shots at longer-term friendships.”

What do you think of the app? Would you use it? Do you think Wolfpack will catch on? Do you think similar “social nichework” apps will appear in the future?

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1 Response to App Creates ‘Wolfpack’

  1. Aubrey Badger says:

    I really like the concept of Wolfpack. There are many times when your close friends may not share the same immediate interest as you (e.g. a concert for your favorite band), and instead of dragging someone along who won’t enjoy it, why not meet up with someone there who you know will be as into it as you are? Shared interests are one of the best ways to create long-standing friendships (or relationships!), and adding it as a geo-targeted app on your phone is a genius move. The only thing I would suggest is to open the app to women as well… What if a woman wants a guy to go grab some beers with, without any sexual implications? Or if a girl is shopping at the mall alone and needs advice on a skirt? The concept of Wolfpack is very smart in my opinion, and I hope it expands in scope and popularity.

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