A ‘Grande’ Donut Diss

It’s time to discuss Ariana Grande’s donut-licking incident from a PR standpoint.

After caught licking donuts and stating she hates America (with it all captured on tape), artist Grande has tried to erase this June mishap with little success. Her team has succeeded in removing many copies of the video offline but the stills of the video still live online.


Photo credit: TMZ

While out with a friend, the pop star visits a donut shop in California. What seems to be an innocent errand for a sweet treat turns into a PR disaster as soon as Grande decides it would be funny if she licked the donuts on display. She and her friend take turns licking several donuts before their order is taken. At this point, Grande makes statements saying she hates America, Americans and that it’s disgusting.

The video of the singer went viral, shocking fans with her disrespectful behavior.

After numerous tweets calling out Grande, one would think she would own up to her words, but instead she made an excuse. She said the statements caught on tape were taken “out of context.” Personally, I can’t think of a context where stating you hate America is acceptable. In her non-apology apology, she said she made a poor choice in words and then proceeded to talk about how “frustrated” she is that our child obesity rate is so high.

Shortly after her statements were made, she pulled out of a performance at a Major League Baseball game due to “recovering from surgery,” which further fanned social media.

Even as the pop star tried to make amends by releasing an apology video, she was still greeted with backlash. Some felt her apology was insincere.

Could she have handled the situation better?

Were her words blown up into a bigger deal than needed?

If you were on her PR team, what would you have suggested?

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