Doritos Launches LGBTQ Campaign

The Doritos brand is no stranger to creating fun, exciting flavors for their savory line of tortilla chips.  This week, the company brilliantly released a surprise campaign consisting of rainbow-colored chips in support of the LGBTQ community.

doritos campaign

Screenshot of Doritos’ Instagram post.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.05.25 PM

Screenshot of Doritos’ Instagram post.


For this campaign, which proved to be successful, Doritos partnered with the It Gets Better Project intending to generate donations for the project which supports LGBTQ youth around the world. Supporters were asked to donate a minimum of $10 to the project and they would be mailed one of the limited-edition bags.

The rainbow, cool-ranch flavored chips sold out in a matter of hours.

In the meantime, those who are interested in the message and the campaign are encouraged to engage their communities through the social media platforms. Two areas where this has been particularly successful are Instagram and Twitter. Celebrities have similarly jumped on the bandwagon. It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus is both an avid and outspoken supporter of LGBTQ youth–even starting her own foundation. She shared her support of Doritos Rainbows on her Instagram account and has received more then 275,000 likes from her nearly 29 million followers.

miley cyrus instagram post

Screenshot of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram post in support of Doritos Rainbows.

The power behind the campaign lies in the hashtag #BOLDANDBETTER. It’s meant to generate support and conversation around the support of the LGBTQ community and youth. Users of the hashtag are encouraged to share inspiring stories or words of inspiration surrounding self-realization and self-appreciation.

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6 Responses to Doritos Launches LGBTQ Campaign

  1. Alex Sorrell says:

    I think the reason that this campaign worked so well is that Doritos actually did something by requiring the $10 donation versus just release a rainbow version. They talked the talk and walked the walk.

    “Pinkwashing” is the new vogue for a lot of brands these days. According to a Google Consumer Survey, Millennials are 45% more likely to do repeat business with an LGBT friendly company, but it’s very easy to look insincere and like a brand is using a community’s struggle for its own personal benefit.

    Some brands, like Absolut Vodka, have long catered to the LGBT community and done it well, but many mainstream brands seem to stop at just having a LGBT couple in their ad. Doritos’ campaign should be a prime example of how a campaign should build goodwill through action and not just advertisement.

  2. Kimberly Linn says:

    I feel this campaign has real potential for the same points Alex made in the comment above me. Doritos is trying to establish a stance of support for the LGBT community beyond creating rainbow-colored chips for a limited time offer. The company is requesting a minimum $10 donation that goes back into this community.

    My next question would we where can people find them?

  3. Asia Poole says:

    I am extremely excited about this campaign. I believe often times company are afraid to jump into a controversial topic because they fear that it will cost them some consumers. I always say there’s no reward without risk. American society today absolutely loves the idea of people standing up for a matter of the people and they love seeing people express their opinions.

    By doing this, Doritos is really showing that they care about more than sales and that they have more to offer. This was also a crucial time to show support for the LGBTQ community with the backlash from some people on the decision to legalize same-sex marriage. I believe more companies should consider taking a stand on a social issues or supporting a certain side, this way their consumers can feel more connected to them.

  4. Megann Jakubek says:

    I feel that a campaign can really skyrocket when a popular celebrity endorses or re-shares the campaign content. The $10 donation aspect appeals to consumers who get the warm, fuzzy feeling when they feel they are making a difference. I found this campaign to be compelling and I can see other snack brands joining in on the idea.

  5. Allyson Gerrard says:

    What a great cause for the campaign. Doritos did an excellent job of incorporating LGBT rights and their brand. For only $10, you get a limited edition Doritos bag and you can support a great cause. That’s not a bad offer at all. I would’ve never heard about this campaign if it wasn’t for this blog post, but I’m sure it will gain more attention when more celebrities pick it up. Alex mentioned above that there was no advertisement done and I think that’s a more genuine way to raise awareness. I’m actually surprised Skittles didn’t think of a campaign like this, especially because they’re already rainbow colored.

  6. Elissa Harrison says:

    I think this is an interesting stance for a company to take. It either can hinder them or hurt them. A great example would be when the Chick-fil-A founder spoke openly about his opinion of gay rights and the LGBTQ community. This caused tons of negative attention towards the company and turned a lot of people off to the company. Though I don’t think this campaign will experience as much heat or attack, this may turn off current consumers from this product because they chose to take this political stance. A company needs to be careful on stances it takes because their stances start to be associated with their brand. I do like the fact that the chips are multi-colored as well as promoting civic engagement whether or not I agree with the stance.

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