‘Eyes’ Create Social Media Stars

Social media celebrities are not a new phenomenon. But audiences may be surprised to learn that Vine/Snapchat celebrity Jarome Jarre makes $25,000-$35,000 per Vine/Snap.


For example, GM actually paid Jarre to star in a zero gravity Vine on their account for Gravity Day.

Jarre claims 7.2 million Vine followers and 2 million Snapchat followers.

Tyler Oakley is a YouTube sensation with 5 million YouTube subscribers and 260 million views.


Oakley has been asked to interview celebrities on award show red carpets and recently featured First Lady Michelle Obama on his YouTube show.

Companies and events recognize the value of these “stars” as social media evolves and it becomes trickier for companies to set themselves apart using social media.

Companies like GM see the value in the millions of eyes trained on social media stars like Jarre.

Do you think in the future this will be a ocular idea PR professionals bring to the table? Do you think price for the eyes of these star’s followers will increase?

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