Redskins’ Fumble No Joke

A series of PR nightmares keep creating problems in the nation’s capital. Not at the White House, but on the gridiron. The Washington Redskins controversy over the NFL team’s name has mushroomed after a series of criticisms offered by none other than Comedy Central.

The first was this season’s premiere of South Park when the cast criticizes the way Dan Snyder, owner of the team, ignores Native Americans’ outcry to change the name. They also satirically condemn NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the way he’s been handling not only this situation but also scandals involving the league’s domestic violence issues.


Just one day after South Park’s debut, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart decided to offer his not-so-subtle opinion on the matter.


As if this weren’t enough, The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg reported that FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins, was selling old beer from the World Cup. The World Cup that ended July 13 of this year.

The Washington Redskins certainly have an uphill battle in terms of turning their image around. Their fans might even have a hard time keeping faith considering the three losses they already have on their record.

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