Pepsi Trick A Treat

In lieu of post-Halloween festivities, what would be a Halloween without a little brand-to-brand fun? Although a little late in its arrival — Oct 31 to be exact — Pepsi delivered an ad that would shock the interwebs. Created by Buzz in a Box, a Belgian-based advertising agency, the ad was meant to showcase the obvious competitive nature between the two brands. By saying “We wish you a scary Halloween,” they are implying choosing Coke is “scary” and thus less desirable.


Despite the transposed “Cola Coca” visible on the cape, overall it’s a great ad. It’s also interesting that Pepsi didn’t push this out via social media and capitalize on the holiday. It never showed up on their Facebook page, nor their Twitter. Did Pepsi overanalyze the ad and so as to prevent controversy, not publicize it?

As could be expected, something came out of the Internet that has yet to be confirmed from Coke. However, it does provide some light-hearted fun!

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 7.45.09 PM

Do you think Pepsi purposely avoided creating drama? Do you think this is a good PR move or do you think that the brands should embrace the competitive edge?

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3 Responses to Pepsi Trick A Treat

  1. Katherine Becerra says:

    I think light-hearted competition works well. The Mac v. PC commercials are great examples. If a brand wants to do something like this, they should do it full-out. It seems like Pepsi didn’t push the ad to avoid causing a stir. They would have been better served if they either didn’t release it at all or fully went with it.

  2. Marlee Bever says:

    I think that Pepsi may have purposely avoided the drama. However, I think they would have been fine if they posted it on their social media accounts. Apple does this all of the time with PC computers, along with many other companies. I think that if Pepsi were scared to create drama, then they should have never created the ad in the first place.

  3. Leila O'Hara says:

    Even though I think the ad definitely generates conversation, it was probably not the smartest move by the Pepsi brand. If I hadn’t read the blog post, I could have easily confused this for a Coca-Cola ad. And I think one of the biggest problems Pepsi as a brand faces is that everyone’s default soft drink is “Coke.” Rarely do people walk into a restaurant an order a “Pepsi,” unless they have a very strong preference for Pepsi over Coke. And even though Pepsi has had celebrity endorsements over the years from celebrities, like Beyonce most recently, it seems that Coke is still the most popular soft drink product. So, I don’t think Pepsi should have drawn attention to their competitor when I think most people see Pepsi as a second choice, and not as prominent as Coke.

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