Success Should Turn On Bright Ideas

In an age where higher education now seems to be a must in order to get a good job, wouldn’t you think PR practitioners would be smarter than they used to be?

According to a report of the CIPR Profession Typology Report at PRMoment, “two-thirds of UK PR practitioners say their career development has mostly come from magazines.”

Magazines? I hope they’re at least referring to PR Week. The truth is, like the rest of the world, the PR industry is changing. Young professionals who have just finished their BA or MBA are looking to break into the industry, but  for what? So they can do mindless busy work? It’s time the industry gets ready for this new flood of success-hungry young professionals.

Heather Yaxley, blogger for the Green Banana said “But I’m beginning to believe the majority of modern practitioners view PR as a non-intellectual trade, where craft skills count most, along with a friendly personality and a preference to spend time churning out releases and Tweets rather than thinking about anything more important they should be doing.”

So are you too smart to work in PR? Well, if you’re still convinced it’s the right fit for you, here’s something to keep in mind.

  • In order for this industry to grow, it needs intellectual and creative minds willing to put in an effort to make it thrive.


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