Video: An old idea, a new frontier for PR

Can you name your favorite online news article? If so, how many? One? Two? Ten?

Now, can you name your favorite YouTube video? Is it the baby dancing to Beyonce? Does ‘Ouch Charlie! That really hurt’ sound familiar? (the British accent doesn’t translate as well in print). Regardless, I would be willing to bet the recall rate of YouTube videos is higher, maybe even double, the number of articles you can recall.

If this is the case, you’re not alone. In fact, according to YouTube’s pressroom, people are watching two billion videos a day on the site and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily.

Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog PR Blog interviews Eddie Rehfeldt, Microsoft alumni, “Avatar” insider and Waggener Edstrom’s vice president, says that the development of the highly anticipated HTML5 (the next revision of the HTML standard, which was supposed to be out in late 2010 but many tech blogs indicate it could be later) will transform the visual networking business as well as the role of the media in disseminating these videos.

“Put simply, we are seeing a move away from relying on media players for being the main form of showing video and other types of content … It stops being about the media player and the software. This is what we wanted it to come to. We want our audience to be able to experience the brand in the true sense without barriers. That hurdle is now gone.” – Bulldog Blog Interview

While I didn’t necessarily agree with Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco about Twitter replacing the conventional press release, as mentioned in R.I.P the press release I think video news releases, VNRs, are going to be the most effective way for PR practitioners to get their info out to both media outlets and to the public and could in essence kill the “press release.”

What are your thoughts? For those of you ready to jump on board with video PR techniques, read these tips from PR Channel.

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2 Responses to Video: An old idea, a new frontier for PR

  1. kdaoust says:

    Media is changing its dynamic ways every day. News stories with supplemental media are more positively received than straight print stories. The addition of video, photo galleries, and interactive options are essential, in my opinion, to the success/popularity of a news story. That, and the success of video dissemination sites like YouTube, are why I am jumping on the bandwagon with video PR techniques and VNRs. Let’s be honest: you are probably much more likely to “read” through/comprehend/understand a press release if it comes in video form or with supplemental material.

  2. rmmoore5 says:

    I like the idea of using video news releases in public relations. It takes what we do as PR practitioners to the next level in incorporating new technology and using it online. I don’t think it has the potential to essentially “kill” the press release but it can be a more efficient way to communicate. Videos can allow us to show rather than tell and it’s a unique way to relay information to news outlets. The 10 ways to use video from the PR channel is a great resource, so thank you for sharing.

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